Naked as I slur is my personal fashion blog for men, women and everyone in between.

It's about things that I love, I hate and I like to discuss. One can always agree or disagree with my taste and my style but that is who I am.

I'm living right in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. I'm a creative strategist working in a premium advertising agency.

Being a stylist for years for one of the most demanding clients - me -  I thought about to share my experiences with the world.
Please do not steal my pictures – all pictures on this blog belong to Naked as I slur, if not stated otherwise. If you want to share them or use them for your own purposes please ask for my permission

So this blog is dedicated to bring you all fashion that I like,  from the cheapest chic to the expensive and over-hyped!

So love it or hate it but always share and follow it!