My New York Diary - Williamsburg


Being in New York now for a couple of weeks, it is time to post the first pictures. I started my New York adventure in Williamsburg, the home of the hipsters. I tried to blend in, which obviously worked well because a street photographer asked my straight away if he can take some pics of me. Williamsburg is a cool place, much more quiet than Manhattan, less hectic. If you love vintage shopping, this is the place to go. Vintage flea markets, vintage shops, but also nice city farming straight at the east river! What is not to love about Williamsburg! My must go places for food are Smorgasburg. A big market for homemade foodstuffs. Here you can find almost everything. It takes place every Saturday morning during warmer months. If you fancy a nice breakfast, I can highly recommend the House of Small Wonder.  Easily passed by with its small wood door that leads to a small and quiet greenhouse area. Definitely try the Banana-Nutella Croissant! If you are into Kale (which everybody in New York is right now) check out Egg. For all the meat lovers, there is this infamous BBQ place called Fette Sau. The meat is so good and I can highly recommend it even if it quite expensive.
For shopping there are endless vintage shops, from vintage designer labels to furniture. Also check out the Urban Outfitter. This store has a different concept compared to the ones you probably know in Germany. It looks more like a marketspace with different shop-in-shops with American based labels.

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