Weekday's golden days of travel


The new MTWTFSS Weekday Collection for Spring Summer 2014 is all about the "golden days of travel" because when you discover travel, your journey never ends. The collection conjures up visions of faraway glamour, mixing lightweight cotton with soft cashmere sweaters and casual suits, perfect for reclining en route to a new destination.
The womenswear look suggests laid-back luxury - minimal fabrics, creamy white lace and loose dresses are mixed with neutral prints and delicate blouses. The clothes are subtle but the details tell a story, like the gold shimmer of zips, bangles and buttons bounces off summer skin.
The menswear is relaxed - very clean, effortless and sophisticated: washed-out shirts have subtle nature prints and trousers are soft and loose. Pale blue and off-white are a calming influence on jacquard weave and safari details. Linen shirts are perfect for travel with an oversize trench coat on top.
I have discovered linen this some as well and it is one of my favourites fabrics for summer. It is very soft and keeps the body cool on a hot summer day. As I'm going to escape winter this year (or at least for 4 weeks over christmas and New Years Eve), heading to the other side of the world, I need some more summer linen shirts. Great the the first drop of the collection will arrive in stores from week 49,

All pictures by Weekday

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