Walking in water


Trafalgare square is a place in London where a lot of people hang out. There is always something going on - from protests to happenings. At a hot summer day it is perfect to take a rest, watch the people, have a coffee and cool down your legs in the water of the fountain. This was at least what I was doing until a police officer advised me to not step into the fountain. Until then it was my interpretation of Anita Ekbergs iconic scene of "La Dolce Vita".
I'm wearing my great Aloha Shirt from Sandro. I love it because of its soft flowing silky fabric and for the little details it has (like buttons on each side to adjust the width at the waist). The shorts are made out of brown leather and the mirrored sunglasses are from the Brick Lane market.

Shirt by Sandro, Leather Shorts by H&M, Sunglasses from Brick Lane Market, Bangle by Stella&Dot

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