Upcoming designer: Andy Imbrechts


Today I like to introduce a new upcoming designer from Belgium. Andy Imbrechts is a 26 year old designer located in Leuven. He just graduated in fashion at Stedelijke academie Sint-Niklaas (SASK). Before that he studied styling in Antwerp. A big passion of his is illustration which he practices since early on. This passion is also the essence in his collections. He gets his inspirations from his personal drawings and illustrations (old or new) which he translates in wearable menswear. He loves to play with bright colors and prints. The male suit is something that always comes across in his designing process. You can tell that he is a big fan of the dandy look. His final collection for SASK is called "Wonders". I especially like the embroidery and the modern take on classic pieces. All of the shirts and jackets have a special twist that makes it unseen and n.a.i.s.

Currently he is getting his moodboard together for the next collection which will also be a menswear collection and will be ready next year.

To find out more go to his website www.andyimbrechts.com.

All pictures by Andy Imbrechts

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