Tower Power


First I have to say I really love London! It is a fantastic city and if you love fashion, London is of course the place to be. There are great shops and markets where you can stroll around for hours in the search for great finds of young designers or vintage jewels! But this time my trip included also all the great sightseeing and historic spots London is full off! Each of them was also a great location to do some pics! I mean "hey" you need to grab the chance to shoot in front of the Tower Bridge when the sun is shining! This outfit was inspired by the English schoolboy uniforms which I saw already on excurtion in London - shorts, shirt and loafers. I changed the color coding and went instead into a classic blue interpretation into a bordeaux and yellow direction. It gave me some air around my knees while still being dressed preppy.

Shirt by Zara, Shorts and Sunglasses by H&M, Shoes by Asos, Tote bag by Marc Jacobs, Watch by Casio,
Bracelet by Stella&Dot

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