From outer space


This is station is from outer space! It is the brand new and very futuristic metro station in Hamburgs Hafencity. The lighting is changing its color constantly! So it gets this Star Trek meets Kubricks 2001 meets Prometheus atmosphere.
I chose my new sweater from the Polish label Aloha from Deer to contrast this spacy atmosphere (as you can see if you follow my blog regularly, I like to contrast outfits to sourroundings). The sweater is covered with a Rubens-like piece of art. A lot of naked women with naked butts that drew a lot of attention already!
I felt like in a big spaceship flying away to discover new dimension in space! So it is always good to have something with you that shows we are humans!

Sweater by Aloha from Deer, Jeans by Acne, Sneakers by New Balance

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  1. Wow! Ich steh total auf deinen Look :) gefällt mir super, freu mich auf jeden Beitrag von dir ♥

  2. love your sweater !

  3. Richtig coole Location für Fotos! Tolle Bilder!

    1. Vielen Dank! Die Location muss man noch ausnutzen solange da noch nicht so viele Leute an- und abfahren ;)