A gift from My Style Hit


Yesterday I received a package from My Style Hit! It is my first gift that I got because of my blog! I'm really thrilled! They send out gifts to blogs that are part of their VIP blogger community and have reached a certain status. Each gift is hand-picked and personalized to each blog. So I got a n.a.i.s. t-shirt with "This is not fashion." printed all over it. I love it already and will definitely wear it! Furthermore I got a brush for my keyboard and some face care masks to stay pretty. But the best was the handwritten letter which is also pretty personal and not just a print out of a standardized letter. The color of the envelope also matches my blog colors! Really really n.a.i.s.! 

Thank you beloved My Style Hit-team! You really made my day!

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  1. Deine Sachen sind echt schön! Freut mich sehr für dich, dass du so schöne Sachen bekommen hast und auch deine Freude damit hast :)