Style Preview for tonights Henri Nannen Award 2013


Tonight I'm going to the Henri Nannen Award, as each year. It is the German award for the best journalism here in Hamburg. The last years it took place in the n.a.i.s. Schauspielhaus but due to renovation this years ceremony will be held at Kampnagel, which is a bit of a rougher place. I'm really looking forward to see what kind of surprises they will have this year. Last year we enjoyed an exclusive mini-concert of Jamie Cullum

As an outfit I chose my swallow-tailed coat of Herr von Eden. I really love this jacket and I'm glad to get another opportunity to wear it. It is made out of black velvet with some shimmering or sparkling elements (which are hard to see on a still pic). I'm really looking forward to dress up for tonight and to have fun with my friends between some celebs!

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