Henri Nannen Award 2013 with special guests Sportfreunde Stille


As already announced I went on Friday to the Henri Nannen Award at Kampnagel in Hamburg. It was again a great night with great music by Sportfreunde Stiller who gave a private concert after the award show. To see a list of all the winners please go to the Henri Nannen Preis' website
For this night I wore my swallow-tailed coat by Herr von Eden with white shirt and tie. To the subtle sparkling effect of the coat I wore also sparkling socks in gold! 
I really like to dress up for events like this and of course to hang out with all the celebs. This year I met Til Schweiger, Thomas Gottschalk, Johannes B. Kerner, Olli Dietrich and Hannelore Elsner to just name a few. Just see some impression for the night, also with a short video of the Sportfreunde Stiller concert which was really a highlight. Looking forward to next year!



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