H&M to dress the Swedish Olympic teams


H&M announced it will dress the Swedish teams for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi 2014, and the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016. The four year contract with the Swedish Olympic Committee and Swedish Paralympic Committee will see H&M create outfits for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The collection will also include a full and extensive wardrobe for all the Swedish teams to wear in the Olympic village for both training and leisure.
The pieces will be developed in collaboration with the Swedish Olympians like swimmer Therese Alshammar and former alpine skier Anja Pärson, who will give their input and test the garments in the collection. They will also be collaborating on H&M’s new expanded sports collection, as H&M strengthens its commitment to function and performance in sports clothing. 
“To represent our country wearing clothes from a Swedish company will strengthen the team, our team spirit and image to the outside world, especially when it is an internationally renowned brand like H&M. I’m really happy that H&M has invited us to take an active part in creating the clothing that the Swedish team can wear with pride during the Olympic Games at Sochi in 2014 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016”
says Anja Pärson, former alpine skier and multiple Olympic champion.  
The collection will also be available for the broader public in January 2014.

Anna Lindberg, Susanna Kallur, Anja Pärson, Jörgen Persson, Joshi Helgesson, David Ekholm, Viktoria Helgesson and Therese Alshammar at the first fitting

All Pictures by H&M

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