Detailing # 20: The Bookmark Necklace


Today I'm wearing one of my tailor-made shirts from Zanzibar. They are made out of traditional African Kangas. I love the colors and the patterns! It brings me always in a good mood. 
As a jewellery I'm wearing an Indian bookmark. Yeas it is a bookmark, but I thought it is to wear it instead of a usual necklace. It can be easily attached to the collar by just clipping it on. I found it as well on Zanzibar in a n.a.i.s. little shop (there are a lot of Indian influences on Zanzibar). It is made of metal and has some little bells, which ring when I'm moving or walking (that is the Indian reference).
As you can see it is very easy to take something and give it a new spin and create an exiting new outfit!

 Shirt tailor-made by "Aromas from Zanzibar", Bookmark from a local store on Zanzibar

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