A new brand from Weekday: 1440 – urban fashion with sporty influences


After launching the Fade to W brand late autumn 2012, Weekday has now launched the latest addition to the Weekday offering – 1440 (pronounced 14-40). This time it is a collection line for both men and women and combines sports element in an urban style. This is the trend for this season by H&M and sports references can be found in a couple collections from Weekday and H&M.

The first 1440 collection is designed by Nhu Duong, a Berlin/Stockholm-based and emerging design talent with a huge fan base throughout Scandinavia. When graduating from Beckmans College of Design in 2008, Nhu Duong was chosen to create her first collection for Weekday. Her return, however, is something different. 1440 is a cooperation between Nhu Duong and the Weekday collective and the result is a well-balanced mix of sports and elegance with a distinct urban feel to it. Nhu Duong says:
"I have always liked the feeling of what happens when you wear high heels and running thighs, effortless but dresses at the same time."
And the name? A full (week)day equals 1440 minutes. And 1440 is truly a 24hour concept – for multi styling and usage.

My favorites are the jackets, especially I love the lightweight black parka with separate carry bag, the bomber jacket in breathable black mesh and the gym bag with backpack strap solutions and a mesh pocket.  

 All Pictures by Weekday

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