The "not-surprising-at-all" H&M Men Summer '13 Lookbook


Winter is the perfect time to think about summer - where to go on holiday and also what to wear! H&M released there first lookbook for Summer 2013. Navy and shades of green are the colors of the season. There are not a lot of surprises in the collection and it feels like I have seen it all already. I like the one-piece denim suit. But I already have a one-piece khaki suit from H&M's summer collection 2011. So this is also not really new but at least it is a denim version. I also still like the emerald green and have a lot of stuff which I can wear with that, which is also good. Let's see what else will come up for the summer!

All pictures by H&M

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  1. very nice pics
    i get note for the green pants