Cheap Monday Fall 13 Collection: Grunge is back!


Artificial Grunge is the theme for the fall 2013 collection. It is an era which I remember well. Kurt Cobain was one of my heros back than! I really love that grunge has a comeback, after all the boygroup style and neon bright colors. According to Cheap Monday it is the last real youth movement:   

"We picked grunge because it’s the last “real” youth movement — it was truly rebellious and grass root. Today, it’s hard to find “real” youth movements since they are picked up commercially almost before they even appear. The lines between what is “real” and “artificial” are blurring — and what is really “real” anyway? Was grunge itself ever real?"

The whole collection is a clash of 90's styles! The Grunge elements, like the flannel checks in shirts and dresses and all the layering in a seemingly random manner is core in the collection. Laces, football stripes, military details, second hand-like cardigans and 60’s style tops, dresses and shoes are all mixed up. But since the design is reconstructed, it’s in fact very controlled and not haphazard at all — it’s artificial. The grunge aesthetic is mixed up and deliberately not an accurate blueprint of the early 90 ́s style. Clashing the classic with top of mind-images from the grunge era creates something new for AW13.


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