Back in the future, that's n.a.i.s.!


After two weeks of silence and offline holidays, I'm back! Back on track. Back in the future. Back in the habit. I had a great start in the year and I can tell you there is a lot to come on Naked as I slur this year!
The first thing I will introduce is a new word. As many of you know the word "nice" or "nett" in German means "it is the little sister of shit" ("die kleine Schwester von Scheiße"). But I personally like the word "nice". I think we should give the word another chance! So I introduce n.a.i.s.! It is pronounced as "nice" and it is abbreviation of "Naked as I slur". It is a modernized version of nice and it has the positive meaning. I will use whenever I will say that I love, admire something or just to say fucking fantastic!
So I wish you a n.a.i.s. new year 2013! Stay tuned on my blog! Like it, love it, follow it, spread it!

Sweater and Moonwashed Jeans by H&M; Loop Scarf by American Apparel; Sneakers by Nike

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