My first assignment as a stylist for the Miss Hamburg pageant


At the FashionBlogger Café in Hamburg I met Björn of He asked me a couple of weeks later if I can style him for the Miss and Mister Hamburg beauty pageant. I was really and still am really flattered that he asked me to clothe him. He liked my outfit at the FashionBlogger Café, so that this was our benchmark. He wanted not to look too glamorous like probably all the others at the event. After  we tried a couple of different outfits we chose a vintage-preppy-retro kinda style (which I wore ate the blogger event as well). I combined a petrol green chino with a blue-green checked shirt with a cord fabric jacket on top. To match the brown leather shoes we decided to go not for a belt but for matching leather braces. To finish the look we went for a blue bow tie. Voilá. 
I think it really suits him and as far as he told me the outfit was really a head turner at the event (what you can see also on the pics here). So as this was my first attempt of styling somebody else I really would like to strengthen this further. If somebody likes my style and want my style advice, please contact me.

Clothes all by H&M, Shoes by Oliver Grey

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