Depression chic for the todays apocalypse!


Today is the end of the world! The last day of humankind and all creatures! But we need to go with our head held up high, with pride and fun! Let's celebrate the time which is left (maybe only a couple of hours). Depression chic is the motto of today! I chose an all black in black outfit with a black leather shirt, a black wool cape coat, a black over-sized trouser, smoke-grey scarf and black cut-out gloves. All is there to protect me from whatever the apocalypse may bring - flames, demons, heat, cold, water, whatever. See more inspiration from Weekday on how to dress in style to die.

Happy end of the world to all! See you in hell/heaven!

Cape, leather shirt and gloves by H&M, trousers by Bruno Pieters for Weekday, circle scarf by American Apparel

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