The tailor-made African shirt


Something that I instantly recognized in Africa is that people wear very colorful clothes. Typical African garments are Kangas and Kitenges. Both are printed cotton fabrics which are often worn by women wrapped around the chest or waist, over the head as a headscarf, or as a baby sling. Typical for a Kanga is the border along all four sides and the central part which differs widely in design and is usually very colorful. They also have a message in Swahili in the form of riddles or proverbs on it. Through this women can express their political and social views.
Kitenges on the other hand don't have a message on it. They are made of a thicker cloth, and have an edging only on a long side. The printing on the cloth is done by a traditional batik technique. Many of the designs have a meaning - from religious and political designs to traditional tribal patterns. Because of they re robust cloth, Kitenges are used as material for dresses and shirts as well.
My shirt is made out of a Kitenge and is designed in a local shop in Stone town called "Aromas of Zanzibar". It is tailor-made for me and is a unique piece. I instantly fell in love with the pattern and the colors, but also with the design shop. So a couple of days later I went there again to buy another tailor-made shirt. 
What I love about this shirt are the bright colors and the traditional African pattern.  I chose also a colorful location to take some pictures that pay justice to the shirt. I found it in Paje at the beach where I went early in the morning to catch the wonderful light. 
So if you are visiting Stone Town in Zanzibar at one point, stop by at "Aromas of Zanzibar" at Shangani Street and check out the amazing designs they have.


Shirt by Aromas of Zanzibar, Short by H&M, Belt by Weekday, Thongs by Havaianas

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  1. very nice shirt
    i miss the good weather already