The Future of Fashion - the People of Africa


That Africa is more than just about poverty, diseases and starving people was one of the most important things I have learned while I was in Africa (well ok the situation might be also different in Malawi or Ruanda).  Also Suzy Menkes, our beloved fashion journalist, feels confident that Africa is the next big thing in fashion. The importance of Africa is undeniable for her. Even Michelle Obama wore a jacket from the African fashion designer Doru Oluwo after the win of Barracks election. Suzy Menkes also put Africa on the agenda of her latest "Luxury Conference" in Rom. (See the full article on According to that article Africa is young and future-forward. I just need to agree with that. I saw young, fresh and wonderful people which also have a big sense of fashion. Their colorful clothes reflect their positive, energetic and lively attitude. This is what makes Africa an interesting source for inspiration for a lot of designers. Burberry used just recently a lot of African inspired patterns. That's what I tried to capture in the pics, and also to transport the message that Africa is not just about hunger crisis and civil wars. There is actually a very positive side of Africa and one guy over there asked me that I should convey that message to my folks at home. I'll try my very best. Maybe the pics can help with that.

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