Gender Blender: It is never too late to become a fahion icon



Gender switch modelling is still hot in todays fashion.  Andrej Pejic is modelling for women and menswear, Casey Ledger is women who models for menswear and transsexual model Lea T is posing nude for Vogue (hiding her mal party with her hands). Just recently Saskia de Braw stars in the Saint Laurent's spring 2013 menswear campaign.
Now there is a new fashion icon rising up in China. 72 year old grandfather Liu Xianping just wanted to help his granddaughter unpack her stock for her online fashion store when he started giving her advice on how to style the clothes. The photographs of him modelling in girlie clothes become an online  sensation – and apparently increased sales five-fold. See the full report here on bbc.
So it is never too late to become a fashion icon and it is never too awkward either!


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