FashionBloggerCafé in Hamburg: meet and great next to a fleet


Finally here are some pics of FashionBloggerCafé FleetMeet in Hamburg. As I'm relatively new in this whole bloggersphere, it was nice to see some other bloggers and to get to know them. The thing that came first in my mind is that most of the bloggers are young girls! Only a few male blogger were present, maybe there are not a lot or maybe they don't go to events like that. So I guess I'm on the right track with my blog (and if 'm don't, I don' give a shit!). I also put some Swarovski jewellery on because there were one of the sponsors of the event. But the men's jewellery is not really my style! It looks very much like Thomas Sabo (which I really hate!!!). I prefer some more understated and sophisticated stuff, this was to much showing off for me.
But I really had a great time also because I met Daniela and Sylvia of Trendlovski (I really adore this blog) and lots of other nice blogger!
Me with the two lovely Trendlovskis, Kathrynsky and Maryanto of Bradsticks

Fashionjunk and me

Alexandra of fashion label Secret PAL and Nina of Style-Tagebuch

Thanks to the team of Styleranking and Spiegel/Eule


Pictures by Swarovski and Stylranking

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