Bare butts, nipple tops, LED jockstraps - Yoko Ono's men's collection for Opening Ceremony


Ohmygosh! Yoko Ono’s new men’s collection for Opening Ceremony has it all! Mesh-butt trousers. Cut-out nipple tops. Flashing LED jockstraps. The collection is freaky, crazy and over the top! It really looks like designed on a day-long LSD trip back in the 60ies - just with less colors.
Her whole collection is based on sketches she did for John Lennon as a wedding gift back in 1969. The drawings were designs for clothing and accessories intended to celebrate John's "hot and sexy bod". Now, 48 years after John and Yoko's wedding, Opening Ceremony have worked with Yoko to turn these sketches into the limited edition collection "Fashion for Men: 1969-2012. 
The collection puts the emphasize on the part of a men's body that, well, need to be celebrated! The styles contains peekaboo pants with handprint patches on the crotch and sheer mesh-butt behind (to highlight a hot ass), hoodies with illustrations of John Lennon's butt, hot pink blazers with mesh sleeves and long-sleeves with nipple cutouts. 
But it doesn't stop there. Ono also used interactive elements that define the accessories collection from a flashing LED male bra, leather belts with working chrome bells to knee-high leather boots with pockets and a  jockstrap with a LED at the front.
Who is going to wear that? I dont know, but you need to be quick if you want a piece of "Lucy in the sky with diamonds". There are only 52 pieces of each design available at OC: Once they are gone, they are gone.


All pictures by Opening Ceremony

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