A Sunday at the Laundrette - hot & cold


Last Sunday I went to the laundrette. Yes it is not the most glamorous place for a Sunday afternoon, but I needed to wash my blanket and it doesn't fit into my washing machine at home. So I needed the Super-Maxi wash machine (capacity 20 kg!!!) at the laundrette! To do all that I decided to wear something comfy and warm, because it is not really heated in those establishments. So I just grabbed my marbled washed jeans with a rugged knit and some leather boots. I have to say at least the color coding of the laundrette was uplifting, well kind of. But after 1 1/2 hours my blanket was clean and fresh. For another a good night sleep.

 Knit by Primark, Denim trouser by Cheap Monday, Boots by All Saints

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