The MTWTFSS Weekday SS13 Lookbook: Cyclists and logos from hell


After the lookbook for the MTWTFSS Weekday Collection Weekday now released the MTWTFSS Weekday SS13 lookbook. I always get confused with these two collection names. It is so hard to keep them apart! But as you may know the MTWTFSS Weekday Collection is the premium line which is dedicated to more premium materials and styles, while the MTWTFSS Weekday line is the regular line with basic materials.
In this MTWTFSS Weekday SS13 collection it is all about baggy pants, short sweaters and overall prints. The collection is packed with references to popular culture, mixing materials, sport styles and playing with a lot of stereotypes. All of this is a bit too much for me.
The collection theme – multiple identities – is apparent in prints with classical hip-hop quotes typed in rock and roll typography (reminds me a bit of Galliano), in the play with cultural characteristics and the world of sports e.g. with cyclists that are normally covered in sponsor's logotypes (the Weekday version comes with more urban prints) and jersey outfits.
We can also find a lot if trends in this collection like the metallic silver pants, the post colored shoes and logo shirts. Logos play a big role in the whole collection and can be found everywhere in different styles - from a dollar sign to a smiley.
Overall the collection looks a bit messy for me and I really don't like, not to say I HATE Logo prints and typography on any kind of garments! It looks cheap, chavy and not classy at all (also the Kenzo sweater everybody is hyping right now). So I'll rather stay with the MTWTFSS Weekday Collection or  just go with the jersey outfits (I need a new outfit for the gym anyway).


Pictures by Weekday

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