MMM with H&M celebration in New York with art, dance and stars


Last night an infamous apparel giant from Sweden celebrated their collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela in New York which everybody is talking about today (at least in the blogosphere). As I'm weak and can't resist this hype and will give you my two cents to it too. 
Everybody was there. from Sarah "Sex and the city" Jessica Parker to Juliane "I don't need to wear only Lanvin" Moore! Take a look at the video to see who else was there and what they had to say about the collection, the designer and the party with a dance performance by noted choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.
But to sum it up, everybody is "soooo damn fucking excited" and everything "is soooo great and absolutely ammmazing" because they all have been "huuuuge fans of Maison Martin Margiela" aka H&M paying them a shitload of money to attend the event. But in all fairness the location looked really great and pays  tribute to the concept of deconstruction of the fashion house.

I have to say the clothes look much nicer in the video (maybe because you can see more details) than they come across in the pictures. But my favourite outfit  of the guys (which all looke dpretty dapper) is the one of Allan Cumming in his camel coloured suit with a fur coat and this amazing shoes. Can't wait to see it in stores and in my closet!
Alan "gays know how to dress" Cumming
Kanye "Kardashian" West

Chace "XOXO" Crawford
All pictures by H&M

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