Detailing # 16: The Maasai Necklace


It is a long time ago that I posted something in my blog category "Detailing". Today this will change! I'm wearing this Maasai necklace which I found on a crafts-market in Dar es Salaam. This beaded jewelery plays an essential part in the ornamentation of the Maasais body - both for women and men. The beads are originally made out of local raw materials (like shells, bones, clay or ivory) but nowadays it is made out of glass. The color schemes all have different meanings and each color stands for something e.g. white stands for peace, blue represents water, red stands for warrior/blood/bravery. I have combined the delicate jewelery with a matching polo shirt and sweater.

 Polo Shirt by Primark, Sweater by COS, Necklace from a Tanzanian crafts-market

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