The beauty of secret backyards


Sometimes it is amazing what you discover when you go beyond your usual ways. Last Sunday I went to Hamburgs Schanze with a friend of mine. We were looking for a wallet that was stolen from her the night before. Yes Hamburg can be a really bad place! We had the hope that the thief maybe just grabbed the money and threw everything else in the next shrub. Well that's why we went looking at front doors and backyards! We haven't foundt the wallet, but we found some amazingly beautiful backyards, which I haven't expected to find there! This is one is really a quiet beautiful place on earth in the middle of the city. The little balcony's, the beautiful flowers and the green vine - everything together creates a place that reminds me a bit of Paris! So always take look at the back of the houses!

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  1. Wow, that really is one beautiful place! Amazing spot for a photoshoot as well!