H&M Fall/Winter 2012: It is berry time!


Summer has just begun (or is going to hopefully come back again after a few hot days) but it is never too early to look what to wear next season. Therefore I present the lookbook by H&M for the Fall/Winter 2012 season. I know it is not Chanel or Givenchy, but hey you have to work with what you get! And the good thing about H&M is that they function as a catalyst of all fashion houses. So they pick up the trends pretty good and you kinda get a "best of" from Burberry to Jil Sander!


Looking at the Collection there are some highlights and some, well, let's say mediocre pieces. Overall I really love the colors from a dark plum to a deep tomato red, from a fir green to a mustard yellow. The colors are really the elements that make this collection interesting without being too bright or too loud just like a colored fall forest. And finally the good-old turtleneck has his revival! Still in trend are the cropped trousers to show a glimpse of the socks and shoes.

The grey suits and the blue pieces are not looking too promising to me yet. I mean a Hoodie under a jacket? Hello? We had that before and we haven't liked it!!! But let's see. Sometimes you can see the beauty of those pieces when you have it in your hands. I'm also looking forward to the flight and college jackets! Thank god I still have one of them and I will wear them some time! So stay tuned!


Photographer: Kacper Kasprzyk for H&M Autumn 2012, all pictures hm.com

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