Detailing # 8: Howdie - the urban cowboy


Howdie Ho fellows! Do you remember the good old times where cowboys were real man, cooked some beans with meat on a campfire and have ridden horses towards a sunset that seems to burn down the plains? Where they fought for the love of a young lady by killing his rival in a duel? That all can be seen in this outfit when you look very closely (and have a lot of imagination of course)! It's were Marlboro country meets Dances with Wolves meets City Slickers!

I found those beautiful collar tips on a flea market! They are replaceable and can be worn with any shirt! With a classic dark blue Denim shirt it becomes sooo wild wild West (but not the horrible movie with Will Smith, the real wild West). It is the outfit of an urban cowboy that is hunting for food at Starbucks but is choosing a manly strong Espresso over a soft decaf Latte Macchiato!

Denim Shirt by Lee, Collar tips vintage

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