Henri Nannen Award with special guest Jamie Cullum


Last week there were two big fashion events. The Met costume gala in New York and the Henri Nannen Award (HNP) in Hamburg. Unfortunately I could attend only one of the two events: the HNP 2012.
The Henri Nannen Award is a German-language award for outstanding achievements in journalism. So I saw a lot of celebrities from media, politics and lifestyle like director Wim Wenders, TV host Nazan Eckes, Hamburgs prime minister Olaf Scholz to name just a few.


Fashion wise it was, to be diplomatic, not quiet as exciting as the Met gala. Ok, it is unfair to compare those two events but while the Met gala had Marc Jacobs in a see through lace dress, we had Jorge Gonzales from Germany's Next Topmodel in Lady-Gagaesque-black-12-cm-Domina High Heels!


My highlight of the evening was the mini concert of Jamie Cullum. He performed 3 songs during the award show and 45 min at the after-show party where all guest went on stage to join him. Jamie is a nice and charming singer who is really worth the money to visit one of his live shows! He also performed his years song "Standing Still" which he wrote for Roman Lob for this years Eurovision Song Contest!

No big award without a controversial decision. This time the scandal happened in the category "Investigative Accomplishment" when there where two winners announced: the BILD newspaper and the Süddeutsche Zeitung. While the BILD reporters accepted the price, the SZ reporters refused the award because they didn't want to share the award with BILD. This was due to the lurid and voyeuristic writing style of the BILD newspaper. The win of the BILD was not only their first it was also their first nomination in the history of the HNP.

 German actor Tom Schilling with his girlfriend

  My outfit : A black swallow-tailed coat with white tuxedo
shirt (both H&M Trend) and a Lanvin for H&M bow tie.

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