Detailing # 7: Pattern in the mix: Dots and Stripes


It is not about Stars and Stripes today it is all about Dots and Stripes! Polka-Dots to be exact. This is maybe not the most usual and expected combination but I think it can work. At least it turns head on the street.
But the detailing goes this time even one step further. When you take a close look you find out that the textures of the fabrics mimic the patterns as well. The diagonal texture lines on the trouser support the stripes and the piqué of the Polo shirt brings the dots even more to life. It's a real synergy of fabric and pattern. On top to that adds the sailor rope a touch of roughness to the outfit.

Trouser by Peter Jensen for Weekday, Polo Shirt by Levi's, Sailor Rope from a local sailor shop

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